Insurance Guide for Totalled Cars

Published: 31st May 2011
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The totalled cars declared by the insurer after the accident sometime can be repaired back. The car damaged with more than 70% will be totalled out by the provider but if the car owner thinks that the damages can be repaired then you can contest with the insurer and get back your car.
In accidents usually when the car gets smashed completely, the insurer recommends it to be completely totalled out. The car owner is given the car value money according to the insurance cover of the motorist.
Different set of rules and regulation are there in each and every state regarding the totalled car and the minimum features that a car needs to drive on road. The car value is calculated by the dealer network, blue book averages and vehicle evaluator.
But if you want to contest with the insurers and keep the car with you then give the proof regarding the worth of the car. If the customer thinks that with some maintenance and mechanical improvements, the car that has been declared totalled out by insurer can be repaired then you can contest with your provider.
The car owner can get reasonable car insurance quotes for the car depending on its usage, as it affects its mileage. Even the less driven car gets the benefit of total loss case win and you can easily get back your car. The age of the car also influences the insurance quotes as the new car has new technology and new engine set up whereas the old cars are hard to maintain and repair so need more insurance cover.
The old cars if met with a severe accident are not given for repair but for total loss by the insurer. Some of the car owners are emotionally attached with their car and do not wish to send it for scrap after being declared totalled out.
In such case the car owner can get the cash value of the vehicle after deducting the salvage yard car value as well as deductibles declared by the owner while buying the insurance policy.
Now the car owner can take back his accidental car and give it to his favourite repair shop to get it back on road. Before giving for repair you just need to analyse it by the car expert as the safety of the car is most important. If the car is safe and worth spending then the car owner can invest in such total loss car and get it back in shape.
After repairing the car, you need to compare car insurance quotes to get reasonable insurance cover for your vehicle.
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